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Why İnternet


 Internet because; everything changes in the world. According to this and the *i

Internet because; everything changes in the world. According to this and the improving technology companies' presentation areas change too..

* Internet because; companies have the chance to make their advertisements and presentations much more cheaper than doing them in radios and televisions.

 Internet because; nowadays having a site in internet is as important and prestigious as having a cardvisit.

* Internet because; your presentations over internet will cost less than your presentations by mail.

* Internet because;your presentations will not only reach to a number of people in a specific area but to hundreds of millions of people who have internet connection in the whole world.

* Internet because; everyone who's willing to have information about your company or make deals with you gets the required information.As a result you will have the chance to make deals with the companies from the other side of the world.

* Internet because; you can make e-business over your web page, people willing to benefit from your products and services can give order by mail, moreover they can buy over internet

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